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Services at Moss Healthcare, Victoria BC

It’s been 3 lovely years now since Dr. Alexis & Dr. Shannon of Flourish Naturopathic moved our business to Moss Healthcare in Victoria, BC and wow, how it’s grown! We are happy to work with the array of talented practitioners and an amazing support staff, who we are grateful for every day.

Many of you remark as we make our way to our consult room how big the clinic is – so many rooms offering a great array of services. This January we have several new practitioners joining us so it feels like a good time to update you on the services outside of Naturopathic Medicine that you might benefit from at our clinic.

Acupuncture has been most recently added to our list of services, we have two practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dentistry has grown over the past three years to include three dentists, three dental hygienists and a certified dental assistant. They see patients of all ages in their comfortable offices.

We have a Chiropractic team that has grown to three doctors ready to help with your aches and pains as well as maintenance of a healthy spine. They also support their patients with custom foot orthotics.

We have a Medical Esthetician who is certified in the use of cosmetic laser. You can learn more about the skin care treatments offered at the following website: Luminesce Skin Rejuvenation.

We also have a Skin Esthetics Technician, she has tons of experience!

Our counselling team has grown to include a registered Psychologist and two Counsellors.

Last but definitely not least, as of January this year we now have four Registered Massage Therapists.

We encourage you to check out all these lovely services to make 2019 your healthiest yet!

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