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Fatigue, Stress & Mood

You want:

•  To feel great
•  To sleep soundly
•  To live your life with energy and vitality
•  A positive mood and outlook
•  Healthy coping mechanisms
•  Health and vitality as you age

Naturopathic medicine can help!

Create a life in which you will flourish

Improve your vitality

A common scenario we see in our office is “burn out”. People who have been under stress, are not sleeping well, have poor energy and are generally feel low. This is where naturopathic medicine shines!

By taking a holistic approach, we will help you to develop a comprehensive plan to get back on track and feel great so that you can enjoy your life. Often people don’t know where to start – leave that to us! Our initial 1.5 hour visit gives us the time to look at the big picture and find the areas that need more support. This may include nutritional support, improving adrenal health, identifying food sensitivities, balancing hormones, stress management skills and creating an environment in which you can thrive.

A holistic approach to mental health

Whether it’s a case of the “blues” or something much more difficult, naturopathic medicine will help to improve the foundation of your mental health. We will look at the root cause of your health concerns and will guide you in establishing a lifestyle and health plan that will promote balance in body, mind and spirit.

It does not mean that you have to choose between holistic and conventional treatment. Every situation is unique and we are prepared to support you where you are at. In many cases naturopathic medicine can serve as a first line approach, or we can offer complimentary support to treatments prescribed by another healthcare practitioner.

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