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Working with individuals and couples wanting to conceive is an area of practice that we love. We know that the health of both partners prior to conception can play a role in baby’s health for years to come. There is a lot that can be done from a preventative approach that will support fertility, help to establish a healthy pregnancy and optimize the health of babe.

Just as we tend to a garden before planting seeds, naturopathic medicine has tools to “prepare the soil” of your body for a healthy conception.

We will guide you in the following ways:

  • Optimal supplementation
  • Whole foods nutrition
  • Understand your cycles
  • Basal body temperature readings (if desired)
  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce stress
  • Environmental health concerns
  • Correct any underlying health concerns

We welcome diverse families.

When to see us

We recommend healthy couples come in for a visit 3 months prior to conception. If you are currently dealing with health concerns it may be advisable to see us 1 year before you plan to conceive to strengthen the foundation of your health before getting pregnant.


We immerse ourselves in the research of the nutritional and lifestyle factors that can help to prevent pregnancy complications and children’s health concerns such as allergies, eczema, asthma, immune concerns, diabetes and more.

Improve the foundation of your health

This is a great time to address health concerns big and small. We encourage women to attain a healthy body weight which will decrease the risk of health concerns for mama and babe. Working on stress management skills will improve hormone balance and support fertility.

We know that a woman’s diet during pregnancy influences the health of her unborn baby. New research also suggests that nutritional deficiencies right at the time of conception can alter a baby’s genes permanently. We will support you in establishing healthy eating habits that can be carried forward into pregnancy, and feeding your growing family.

Preconception cleansing

We offer preconception cleansing plans for women and men. This is an important way to reduce your toxic burden prior to conceiving. A cleansing plan consists of a specialized diet, herbal/nutritional supplementation that supports the organs of detoxification and may include infrared sauna treatments. This should be done at least 3-12 months before trying to conceive.

A study by the Environmental Working Group on newborns found 287 domestic and industrial chemical pollutants in infant umbilical cord blood samples. Many of these chemicals are pervasive in everyday products and are linked to a multitude of health concerns. We will help you become familiar with the sources of these toxins and find ways to reduce your family’s exposure.

Fertility challenges?

If you are struggling with fertility, we are trained in acupuncture for fertility and natural fertility treatments that can help.

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