Fees and Coverage

Treatments Are Covered Under Many Extended Health Plans

Basic MSP does not cover naturopathic services unless you are on premium assistance, in which case they will cover a small amount per visit. You will be responsible for paying the remainder of the visit fees.

Naturopathic Medicine Fees

Complimentary meet and greet visit, 15 minutes Free
Initial adult visit, 90 minutes $160
Initial child visit (age 0-12), 75 minutes $137
Second visit, 1 hour $110
Standard follow-up consult, 45 minutes $95
Follow-up consults are generally 45 minutes in duration, however shorter visits may be suggested or requested as necessary:

Short follow-up, 30 minutes

Short follow-up, 15 minutes




Acupuncture visit, 60 minutes $85
Bowen Therapy, 60 minutes $90
Women’s Health Visit, 30 minutes $50
Scratch Test for Environmental Allergies (plus visit fee) $40
B12 Injection $15/$20
Lab Testing Cost varies
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